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crystalline dialogs of the future

these visual vibrations source their spectrums and motions thru recursive methods - drawing upon earth based and cosmological tonal systems, mindfully planted visual seeds trigger pattern shift via transparency - as their roots are - natural universal abstract unique - inspiring a healthy embrace of the unidentified and unknown

work is produced with a focus on frequencies of organic and celestial coherence - spontaneously generating light loops to enable multi dimensional effects via abstract impulses of infinite refraction and reflection thru bio-techno-logical interaction / human concentration vision pulse rate respiration inspiration

these frequencies layer together endlessly - disappearing into one another and reappearing in new configurations - with the essence of their origin more radiant in each new manifestation - as with circuitry - it is easy to become completely absorbed in observing and interacting with this electro-organic phenomenon of performance


exploration was initiated in 1987 via an amiga1000 computer with aegis animator + images... dedicated study began in 1993 using an amiga3000T multimedia computer with opal vision (opal paint and opal animMATE), a supergen, a hi8 video camera and tape deck, and a laserdisc player in an indie basement studio

the lab's current config is lightyears beyond those primordial manifestations - but all original proto-arche-typal hyperdimensional qualities have only amplified with evolution - it is a timeless resonance and our objective is to sustain this continuity in time, artistically, thru illustrative radiations such as these

c y c l e / s y n c

x-mittor. gridworks.

are - captured visual vibrations generated via an iterative process, a deeply synergetic relationship with technological devices, and a focus on transcendent artistic qualities of both local and non-local natures / origins...

images are still frames captured from live video in their raw form, in both SD and HD resolutions (720 x 486 / 1280 x 1024), with no post-production or manipulation beyond changing file formats from .png to .jpg - what you encounter is completely spontaneous - both visually and musically....

layers of data - accumulated over digital decades - ebb and flow, relocating binaries like particles, into strata... program-wise, it mirrors the organic - seeding and re-seeding fractal structures - uniform, non-uniform - attempting to crystalize essences into translatable, communicatable, nourishing formations - universal technical dialects containing mythraic tonals to trigger awareness - of that which is neither created nor ceases to be.....


apparatus : kodiphi

kodiphi026 kodiphi023.jpg kodiphi021 kodiphi018 kodiphi011 kodiphi007.jpg kodiphi004 informs038

apparatus : formulatory

formulatory337 formulatory335.jpg formulatory329.jpg formulatory328 formulatory314 formulatory312 formulatory308 formulatory185 formulatory087 formulatory086 formulatory085.jpg formulatory084 formulatory068 formulatory066 formulatory059 formulatory044

apparatus : comm-patibles

videoclip029 videoclip025.jpg commpatibles155 commpatibles153 commpatibles167 commpatibles112.jpg commpatibles103 commpatibles102 commpatibles099 commpatibles097.jpg commpatibles096 commpatibles088 commpatibles032 commpatibles016.jpg monkmon006 monkmon003

apparatus : sakyan / load stone

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apparatus : akadna / pedme

apparatus : paria

apparatus : H-is4HI

apparatus : cosmos sez what

apparatus : give data now

apparatus : the empath

apparatus : ancient ascii

apparatus : semiotic transistor

apparatus : incunabula

apparatus : time amp

apparatus : kailash

apparatus : phenotype

apparatus : dig to china

apparatus : shogunate

apparatus : eks / nu ki

apparatus : xtragenetic memory

apparatus : zi gote

apparatus : paint the sun blue

apparatus : aliali

apparatus : sync

apparatus : x-factor