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when we got hypertext markup language the web browser and a dedicated connection in 1995 the limitations of our home phone bbs evaporated - this net vehicle being an ideal platform for presenting music and meta media, using html as an abstract art form and interface for direct communication... what was once industrially limited, or local area only, and recording studio radio tele broadcast station elite exclusive and inaccessible to most has become a transparent norm for a whole lotta folks - quite an abundance of high tech home studios - computers - instruments - devices - delivering a high quality experience that is more accessible than ever before

prior to this point - online we were just looking into something that was infinitely expansive but as yet unoccupied - like a theatre without any people - so creative, experimental absolutely uninhibited exploration was a natural response - didn't have to think about who was there and how many or even if it would be seen at all or of any interest... now its the reverse of that, and despite the saturation levels, the magic of being able to communicate this way has not diminished - the myth and mystery aspects of existence haven't either - ever resonant within this ubiquitous field
as a tone - an om - unidentified - known

this collection serves as a content gateway between what is and what was - older works were created with
this early hyper meta tech tangent tonal and are visual representations of the era
new material will be presented as timewaves direct always, many thanks for visiting