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projects - experiments - research
cycle/sync holo/sync meta/sync
d a t a s t r a t a


mutropic glyph generator
muscopic myth systems

x-mittor. gridworks.

probe - listen
explore - hear
discover - music

listen. hear. music.

audiovisual performances
extraterrestrial dialects
sound/color communications
inner space explorations

new. art. forms.

navigational apparatus /
clip database:

hypnotique override
spiral galaxy
the circle and the star
secret agent stuff
empress shiz
dig to china
eks / hex
lunar radionics
ninez-iz / nu-ki
recents of days
temple ball
the futurist myth
this that and the other
xtragenetic memory
ascii tracks
acid on acid
paint the sun
kutsha and kooshu
seed thought
the cone
whole isms
spice harvesters
crystalline dialogs of the future

these visual vibrations source their spectrums and motions thru recursive methods - drawing upon earth based and cosmological tonal systems, mindfully planted visual seeds trigger pattern shift via transparency - as their roots are - natural universal abstract unique - inspiring a healthy embrace of the unidentified and unknown

work is produced with a focus on frequencies of organic and celestial coherence - spontaneously generating light loops to enable multi dimensional effects via abstract impulses of infinite refraction and reflection thru bio-techno-logical interaction / human concentration vision pulse rate respiration inspiration

these frequencies layer together endlessly - disappearing into one another and reappearing in new configurations - with the essence of their origin more radiant in each new manifestation - as with circuitry - it is easy to become completely absorbed in observing and interacting with this electro-organic phenomenon of performance


exploration was initiated in 1987 via an amiga1000 computer with aegis animator + images... dedicated study began in 1993 using an amiga3000T multimedia computer with opal vision (opal paint and opal animMATE), a supergen, a hi8 video camera and tape deck, and a laserdisc player in an indie basement studio

the lab's current config is lightyears beyond those primordial manifestations - but all original proto-arche-typal hyperdimensional qualities have only amplified with evolution - it is a timeless resonance and our objective is to sustain this continuity in time, artistically, thru illustrative radiations such as these

c y c l e / s y n c


real fables / true fiction

for those who seek to see things
never seen before
colors shapes and spectrum motion
for those who listen to hear things
never heard before
waveforms signals and transmissions
from somewhere else altogether
that somehow
also feels like home
maybe a new home
maybe an old home
maybe a future home
at home
in heart

no distraction - just direct current
staring strait into the face of it

as the man says - don't question the x-factor
just be thankful that its there

ascii tracks to astral exits
come in please

sayonara til tomorrow
be out in the dirt where we dig to china
still somehow its all workin
aint it
still somehow it gets better and better
dont it
still somehow we can rock steady
daily nightly
cuz it
just needs to relax for a second
chill the hyperactive inner child dialogs - past. tense.
present in the first person having a close encounter of the fifth kind with their own mind

lets be realistic
lets be idealistic
idea driven

paths and chambers - which way to the nearest vortex

the legend of the stack : in 1995 we got a T1 fiber optic pipeline in our humble house in the city - shortly thereafter we were sucked into a time warp that lasted 15 years - when we came out - everybody had 'internet' - there were many interpretations of the story - all of them very different and most overlooking what may be at the kernel of what is generating the phenomena as a whole - all actual events of invention evolved into mythra and folkloric vehicles - just dropping us off in that familiar feelin real time urban suburban rural route global village neighborhoodie - sayin the same thing

get me back to the vortex...

the unidentified anonnymous heironymous

specializing in the mystical technique of astral correction

clean everything
fix everything
grow everything

what can you do
that is relative to
a range of reality
spanning from
the people in the room
people all over the world - in many many cultures

play music
share seeds, plants, modes of sustenance, natural wisdom
simply conveyed
sew and weave and knit a tie between us
a cover for the cold - a garment for warmth and work
cook a meal - feed hungry people - with love - always
strive to apply cosmic intelligence - solve problems - enhance efficiency - encourage integrity stability change comprehensivity - cultivate coherence respect compassion and reverence as the mode - as the code - of the road - from here on in

there will always be

more that you don't know than you do know
more happening than you can perceive

crystalline dialogs of the future

we travel thru time to gather data : capture - encode - transmit - communicate... this didn't happen yet, but we went into the future and recorded it - so here it is

the taproot of innocence / innocents

i love
color motion pattern change
and the unknown

we move, through waves of vibration
we move through waves of vibration
we are moved by waves of vibration
and we are waves of vibration

a thought - listening to oct-core - seeking to identify - the source of the sound - leading to - the fan on the video card - listening to - an oscillation rate fluctuation
what to do about it
i wonder
and think - it could be enough, it could be adequate, just to be able to have a thought
that is poetic and simple
complex and technological
reflecting upon
fundamental principles of existence
an oscillation rate fluctuation

sometimes, you can reach a point
where it just sustains itself

the truth is the moment

in between a seemingly perpetual flux of the inimitably strange unusual and utterly mundane - things like this happen

- x-scaping ///

there is no time without magick
there is no time without magick
there is no time without magick
there is no time without magick
there is no time without magick

time flies and moments move like all memories of humble ways relayed as the good old days that still exist and didn't go anywhere at all - still maintaining the most stable stance possible - planting and harvests, simple songs and sips of tea - meaningful discussion - genuine laughter - a good meal a cat nap a hard days work and a sore self - out in elements, working with nature, learning our next lesson - as if it ever ends, as if theres some ultimate point where that which is ever changing will stop changing and be known in the static sense that some seem to imagine - ageless nameless ever growing birthing living passing upgrading compressing extracting - and going beyond all these definitions - the conundrum of those who cannot see this being just another part of the flow - a developmental stage of creation - mutation - liberation - thru the filters who tune the frequency in to a perfect melody for the moment we are all breathing in and letting out - the mood and tempo of the times - a different song every day and every night - like the configuration of clouds or the colors of an evening sky - the only visible repetition is that of magic and perfection - in reality

dont worry too much about personality and identity - it comes naturally and is always developing and growing, there is no set point of definition - to be reached at some set time and place, and to remain in ever after - the food your are eating right now is always the best food - the water in your mouth is always the best water - the music you are playing in the air this very moment is always the best music - and the person you are right now came a long way to be here

it is what flows through you - through every one - be conscious to care for the conduit - to maintain its health and clarity - that the flow flows, the seed sprouts, the flower fruits, and the nourishment of necessity is provided abundantly - for those present and for those waiting to be born into this wonderous universe - in this movement of life to life

be responsible to this movement - be responsible for being moved, to what moves you, and where it leads

believe in magick - believe in truth
radiate it