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readings beneath the poet tree ep3
less particle / more wave
questing for fire and shedding snakeskins

if you have not seen yourself in me
you have not seen me

we are all refractions
of the same light
shining in unique beams
all beaming outward
to infinite directions
of expansion

we are all mirrors
of the same light
beaming back to us
a vision of our outer form
a realization of our present position
in space and time

a form that is the way the outside
sees who we are on the inside

the inner being
who loves to be
seeing this infinite diversity
seeing what
the other means
seeing the meaning
of simply being

at peace with ourselves
at peace with each other
at peace with all it took
to get to this mother
a mother of a transformation
a mother of a load
a mother of a story
of life on the high road
strait into the starry depths
that mirror our internal light
a cosmic aspiration
to a simple natural life

kundalini rising

questing for fire and shedding snakeskins

the gross being is merely the husk - a snakeskin to be shed
the light being is the wheatgerm or kernel of the soul

gold mean

golden mean

the blend

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