the blend

sun slips by sky slips east . around . we find it . again . we are here . it sings us to sleep it loves us awake . this spectrum is forever and the colors reveal the movement . in heaven . of heaven . thru heaven . these variations in vision . never will this image be repeated . our eyes seeing a slice for the loves of all life . no moment is the same and no record is repeatable . the silent sky teachings . the way and the wonder . look up and see what your made of . look up and see your birth as a cellular god child god man god woman BEing incarnate . this creature calling to forever love . source of all . spirit standing strait and tall . look up and see what we're made of . this elemental entrusting . of nature to natures . of Love to little flame

"if you have not seen yourself in me, you have not seen me"

as the colors blend, i can conceive
the me, the thee, the golden mean
of presence pure, of love divine
the Mother of all space and time

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