djed = symbol of sacred tree pillar of stability integrity life kundalini rising aligning the spine and its extensions of creation two arms grow from this tree of life to hold a solar disc radiant crown chakra auRa attuned and tuning in transmissions via inner radio frequency sync to celestial origins rooted in fertile earth - djed with ankh staff of ptah staff of life two hands crafting this divine spirit vehicle to journey on and on

eye = eye of horus heru ur free flying light as a feather soaring at ceiling unlimited keen observational awareness seeing thru all boundaries seeing to all vibrational health wedjat udjat right left above below within without in resonance and clarity

djedeye = one focused upon and experiencing alignment of vibration in all channels root to crown allowing integrity of the form to function freely fluidly lucidly in eternal creative fields - the pupil dilates to full xpansion / mastery in martialing these magical arts

telemetric transmission src = bagua ark yome
live img + video src xfer via ftp
from 1 3rdEYE 2 another


djedEYE | poet tree | radI/O transmission timez
every saturday nite @7 ~ 10/21/2023
signal / time stamped web cam
auto refreshes every 30s