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readings beneath the poet tree ep2

we are all trusting each other
to stay centered
to keep it together
to hold a balance
to be present
to provide

a biological faith
that generates life
birds have a true faith
that the sun will shine
after each dark night
and that faith they experience
indeed makes the sun shine
it is not separate
but one whole
experienced directly
thru faith

this pulsation of life
felt in each breast
as the breath of life
expressed in each life
as the motivating energy
that inspires our actions
directs our intentions
illumines our imagination
in this dance of creation

trusting each moment
for its infinitely inherent wisdom
trusting the unknown
as it sheds its light
revealing our path to us
at the level we trust
allowing it to unfold
be revealed
and maintaining our principles
as this revelation unfolds

this trust and faith generates the energy required
to manifest greater changes - movements - upgrades - innovations
much greater than our limitations would have us know
arguing for or defending limitations
generates more limitations
trust and faith in our ability to utilize the fullness of our capacity freely
generates greater capacity and greater freedom

the trust in each of us - in each life form - in each particle - in each nuclei
is what is generating the entire field of experience
the field of matter and spirit synced to source
the field that is unaware of this too
trusting that all that is unaware
is merely an awakening
an activation
to be

trusting - that it is all right
feeling - what is all right
being - all right
with it all
yet aligning / attuning to this true north / true source
and to this creative act / performance called life
like playing music
or works of art
all expressions of connection
to the whole
within its parts

poems of empowerment
speak in the first person, replace these particular i am callings with your own - say it aloud - it'll feel good

i am
an artist
a musician
a poet
a writer
a seeker
a finder
of truth

i play

i am interested in
not slavery, to myself
or to anything other
i believe in
balance, health, vitality
to no one's dis-advantage
in true power
manifest as modesty
kindness, patience

before fully embracing any other we must fully embrace our truest self - expressed thru the guidance of source - as within so without

i am flexible free joyous inspired
as a creator of creations
a vibration that is higher

i can be who and what ever i am inspired to be
i can do whatever i am inspired to do
i can have whatever i am inspired to desire
there are no limits to creative potential
except those we impose upon ourselves
inherited from limited perceptions
and outmoded interpretations
of the conditions within which
we may experience being alive, unconditionally
a seeming paradox - resolved by our very breathing
a perfect balance - producing life itself

the art of existing

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