new. art. forms.


this tele-interface has been and still is.... a meta-stage set for music, performance art, telecommunications and terraforming - where the play changes characters sets costumes and content with the current, but stays the same in code and conduct for each passing performance of the present - developing a perception of continuity based on the quality of the experience within a universal scale of value

it is ever true - that the show must go on - an inherent expression - an inspired impression - a threshold crossing, going well beyond previous perimeters just to hear what the music sounds like when you get there - producing extracts of existence designed to encourage integrity, fidelity, harmony
to add to this song of living, purely for the love of it

tools mediums machines and apps over the duration:
amigas, sgi workstations, in-house custom built pc's running a wide array of programs / transcendental software - open source and proprietary, lo and hi rez cameras - both moving and still, mixing consoles, screens, pixels, light, electricity, words, html, canvas, papers, paints, pens, inks, pencils, wood, etc - in an array of video, drawing, painting, photography, collage - digital and physical - spontaneously mixed and morphed to produce the following

spectrOm.i.solare gallery : selected works, mixed and meta media

give data stream : practice of perseverance