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to travel without moving / absolute speed is standing still

321 contact
dimensions of non local

every one is local to some where
every where is a location
proximity between
one located in a location
and another located in another location
is experienced as distance
the distance physically between one and another
the distance mentally between one and another
the distance spiritually between one and another
experienced thru races cultures collectives codes consciousness
building bridges
thru intuition intellect imagination
thru inspiration integration and interconnection
which collapses distance thru unification
transcending physical boundaries and limitations
extending beyond the location
thru our creativity receptivity and connectivity
which for many has become primarily
non local
we create by drawing forth vision from within
we receive by opening our minds and hearts
we connect thru openness to others
more to do with dimensional crossings
non local
is not without location
it is without the limitation of all that goes on in a location
which limits space and time

non local - extra terrestrial - cyber spatial

influence is inescapable within the local experience - interactions and exchanges of a constant nature between one and another - all having influence regardless of its charge - positive or negative - non local is identifying with and aligning to something outside of that external influence - which comes from within - from inside - and leads directly to full expansion of an infinite cosmic nature - going in to go omni-directionally out - identifying as a whole while embodied as one

matter is a cavern of internally reflecting light
the smaller it is the stronger it is

prophets of jupiter
hyperlingual superstructures
this is contact


metastation | djedeye | lightcycles