light cycles | metastation tones | tele signals

child of the light

transmissions of the wind

chairs are cool
but i prefer to sit on the ground

beds are cool
but i prefer to sleep on the floor

shoes are cool
but i love to be barefoot

that we come to be
so tough yet
so tender

illuminates how delicate this balance is - to simply be so complex in origination - so organic and alive
a biology - in a biosphere - designed and destined to thrive

this earth just as we
needs certain things to be
in balance
in truth
in tune and free

health is
being fully present
attention tuned
and sustaining
a harmonious resonance
with all
being accountable
for your own impact
on others
on earth
being responsible
to insuring it is a beneficial inter-action
to no dis-advantage
to others
to earth
evaluating patterns habits rituals
that do not or no longer serve this balance
and endeavoring to change them
committing and carrying out a balancing
that centers one
in the truth
which is without true health
without this balance
is to be without true life - true love
re-vitalize your soul with that which nourishes
devote fully to clarity - serenity - continuity
of consciousness
of a higher frequency
tune your instrument well
participate in this awesome arrangement
this heavenly harmony
in the key of life

the strict discipline of discipleship involved in developing the inner power is mild compared to the strong meat in the neophyte's universal law examination - it is based on the golden rule or perfect star seed it decrees that those who give back more than they receive open the heart valves for receiving more - that is good natural economics - casting our bread upon the waters of life automatically opens return circuits - herein the glory of natural logic being consumed back into divine law - it is romantic beyond all lesser romances - true lovers united - mind awash with the crystal realization which exceeds all anticipation - a unique tailor made and marvellously equipped crystal scull with a full telepathic mega tronic system built in to each individual wavelength

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light cycles | metastation tones | tele signals