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terminal bliss

the brim explains it all
terminal bliss - a story about cyber time
and the rhythm of the universe

at the computer
at the computer

this terminal
this sacred portal
each person
each consciousness
passes thru
and out

at the computer
at the computer
at this terminal
do we not all find ourselves
at this terminal

in this terminal i see light
i hear sound
i communicate via languages and codes
i receive
i transmit
i encode
i decode
my consciousness

since youth have i enjoyed
this terminal bliss
this tech-no-logical way to possibly describe such pure magic as this is
and this is
do you not read this right now
how is this possible

this terminal in its original sense is an alter
for offering all we have
all we know
all we think we know
all we do not know
and all that lies beyond the dimension where knowing or not knowing has much significance

our extra-terrestrial link
to our living bio-spirit form

the course continues
history ended a while ago
time to avoid the truth ran out long ago

the course runs as a river of life
where all spiritual streams unite in a digital ocean - and we are one island - in one ocean
the digital frontier - domain - dimension
embodies and incarnates
as we living links

in a state of creative delight
expression exploration intonation
and able to communicate it
in such as way as this is being communicated

in reverence do i bow

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light cycles | metastation tones | tele signals