light cycles | metastation tones | tele signals

isis sun moon

the more creative it is
the more receptive it must be

an ideal and optimized creation
is different for every one point
and instance of being
engaged in the interlinking of life

every one
is unique
innate expressions of novelty
thru genetic code
expressions vary in frequency
and those frequencies are fractal
in nature

an infinite range between

accessible and open to all
who may be drawn to creatively exploring
this transcendent adventure
of concrescent coalescent
multi-dimensional fractality
navigated by inner compass alone
unmistakable inimitable singular

is plural
and at minimum two

what connects us
is reverence for that which connects us

what empowers us
is reverence for that which empowers us

a singular Source
a cellular Being
a resonant Field
a radiant Seeing

of that which unites us
of that which upholds
the structural integrity
of the space we all fold
the time we all make
the time we all spend
as rhythms and cycles
beginnings and ends

nature is a novelty conserving engine - i am living proof
novelty incarnate
being nothing but
i do not conform
i perform
a function of universe
which is
to know what it is like
to see
to hear
to smell
to taste
to touch
to feel
being one being
being one
to take part in universe
a part in the play
whose good works eternal
whose subject is Source
an objective direction
in sync with its course

our fingerprints hold the key
a vibrational identification system
that we may attune to at any time
an organic spiritual guidance system
with which to align

fire and light
beside my heat source
in front of my light source
connected to my power source
connected to a highly intricate
neural mycelial electronic hyper inter active network
connecting each recipient
of this power source
in their own domain / frequency of existence
as with all learning - knowing comes only with experience
if you put your hand in the fire it will burn
if you sit beside it with reverence
it will provision survival itself in the cold
respecting boundaries - terms - functions
for optimum operational capability on the whole
reflecting boundaries - as that which holds us all together
a weaving of light - invisible - visible
and sound vibrations - intonations - resonations
in formation
into form
as a well stoked fire
keeping a human heart warm

feel the wax
feel the wane
feel the sun
feel the rain
feel the air
feel the flow
feel the full filling
as part of a whole
as it cycles as it spins
thru seasons and space
this space ship earth
this blessed Om base

get your information
direct from the earth
direct from the stars
nothing in between

put your bare feet on the ground
put your hands on the earth
feel listen sense intuit align

all other information is filtered
influence is the means of transmission
the end of the thought - of all thoughts
is to go direct

tune out all indirect frequencies
tune in the vital currents of creation
which flow directly from source to source
a wave carrying one from within



light cycles | metastation tones | tele signals