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readings beneath the poet tree ep5
identity / individuality is unity
a tribe of light

i represent

all those who nature provisioned generously
always i had good whole plant food to eat
always i had good pure water to drink
always i had clothes on my back
always i had a roof over my head
always i had people in my life supporting me
always i had whatever else i truly needed
no matter the portion or pace at which it came

i represent

all those who never had much in the way of money, often none
always it was just enough
always not much more was ever wanted
always the simplest things were the most satisfying
always the gratitude for those simple things was present
always the present moment offered endless things to be thankful for
no matter how modest the offerings
they came from the heart

i represent

all humans who can stand strait and tall
undefended to all
naked as the day we were born
nothing to hide
nothing to lose
just as we are
like a tree
like a bird
like a kind loving word
that comes from within
another soul shining
this infinite spin
of hearts and minds aligning

i represent

the person who makes time
for personal care - of self and of others
for kindness - to self and to others
for reflection - upon the creative, the doing
for stillness - after movement
for rest - after activity
no excuses for why not
to fully appreciate the beauty magic and mystery of life

i represent

the person who realizes
the less i stress
the less stress there is on the system
the less i push
the more i receive
the more creative i am
the more empowered i am
the more confident i am
the healthier i am
the more i am able to give

embrace your birthright
to be whole - to wellbeing
to love - to be loving
to be truly free - by letting go
to engage - to participate
to experience life
in all its fullness
to live as if the whole world was depending on you
to fulfill the role you alone can fulfill
and to likewise live as if the whole world has your back
a synergetic serenity
a unity of identity

the promise


a tribal fire - a tribe of light

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