s e r k e t . n e t / w o r k / h u b
sentient extensions and radiant artifacts

just make sounds

worth your weight

karmic weight

how many times
have we been burned to death
drowned and beaten
buried and born again
how many times
have these bodies endured
the test of total destruction
how many times
have these bodies played the role
of master and slave
of rich and poor
of king and beggar
of ruler and subject
of friend and enemy
of parent and child
of brother and sister
of lover and beloved
of man and woman
over and over
and over again

round and round
and round it goes
where it stops . . .
only you know

on this wheel of karma
in order to escape
you better make this lifetime
as balanced as you can
your karmic weight is the cost
of just what it takes
to be born, brought up, sustained and educated
all the food, water, care, attention, energy, etc. etc. etc.
which is
a lot - even for those, in the most modest of settings
it takes, a lot - to grow a person, to live a life
so make this one worth it
make sure its worth it
humble yourself to the challenge
and then think about giving back more
than what you take
create as much balance as you can, while you can
don't wait - do it now

its getting off this hamster wheel of fortune
and grabbing the steering wheel of karma

going - in the right direction

of being be worth your weight
in cosmic gold

being responsible for this treasure
of life that you hold

and who are you?
what fuels this fire?
the same thing that fueled every single desire
every single heart every single mind
from me and you now, back to the first time
so think for a minute, consider your weight
and be known here on earth, for the balance you make

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