new. art. forms.

serket tree

serket tree

things grow - like plants like people... sow a seed and take good care - watch it sprout to the sun - be patient, persevere... as it turns into tall trees deep roots sweet fruits and fuel for sacred fires that never tire of the tales told around them and the myths made in their warmth - which is - a metaphor for the following... which is - a representation of a process - a work in progress - a reflection of a life - to life

this stream has been flowing / this tree has been growing for 37 autumns - and the following is a selection of the fruits harvested over the last 20 years - heirlooms and hybrids alike - landrace genetics and cosmic encodings... graphical works included in this array were created with a wide variety of mediums and expressed through many tools instruments and machines... essential extracts of a daily discipline that is ever open to the flow of creative communication and exchange - from paintings and drawings to snapshots video and webcam, running cool computers, integrating technology in balanced ways, networking, co-operating, problem solving, helping others, being kind, tending to plant life, seeing colors sewn to compliment the curves of the moment, to a myriad of other ideals and ideas supported and explored with a pioneering spirit, for the sake of something unique, original, and genuine

a nourishing vibration - a magical blend - a sovereign source - a sustainable signal...
what we humbly intuit to be - purpose and meaning - in life

...please enjoy