go in to go ingo in to go into where its at

serket | superconductive symmetry
listen. hear. music. / signal / source of light

metasonic symphonics

its felt hectic in a way but underlying it is a definite transformative power / energy, kind of buzzing along with all the noise... it has a nice beat that draws you in and makes you want to tune in to it and tune out the distractions, badly, so the drive to do it, does the job

flexible lucid mind models making music matter in a multifaceted multimagical metasonic symphony

intuition leads the way (go in to go in to where its at)


d o w n l o a d music:
in-to-go-in.flac | where-its-at.flac
in-to-go-in.mp3 | where-its-at.mp3

d o w n l o a d video: (right click + save link as...)


tuning time tubes / gaining altitude

hello from a planet far away thats so close you can step rite in with a prayer and a smile hello heaven hello love hello to a life of light hearted heavily grooving out dance party frequencies where everyone really remembers what its all about to be breathing in the here and now........ here on this planet we speak in acoustical vibrations, intonations, musical modes, we speak in pixels, in photonic radiants, in hypertext, in source code, because that's what it is, Source Code.......

on the other side of the mirror, everything that ought to be taken literally is only figurative, but thats the trick of the trade - gotta qualify before divine grace, before the Source itself, before you get the key, before you win the game, before you defeat the beast, before you transcend that which distracts you from recognizing and claiming your own birthrite to be a sovereign being, being in tune and in harmony with the Source and thats really it - liberation is a frequency you must tune into and concentrate on in order to allow its vibratory field to permeate your being sufficiently as to cancel out all negitrons, any unnecessary elements which undermine our ultimate expression, all dysfunctions that detune the Divine Instruments we each are... it is possible in all ways, let nothing convince you otherwise and communicate that fearlessly to others - its a magical process, no matter how grueling and gruesome parts of it are

that magic, when expressed through art, visually and musically reflects essential truth in a universally accessible way and is a way to recognize this universal holographic beauty - it is that which unites, inspires, awakens, illustrates, and proves the point by being the point... you cannot argue that is it going on and producing an effect, it is beyond that polaric operating system - music IS - the attraction of most natural beings to it, is that it allows a release from the polaric field, into a unified field

a truly captivating musical performance can keep hundreds of thousands of people fixed and focused on one singular point - this singular point in its essence, is the Source of the signal that is emitted through each one of us - how we personally allow that signal to flow through us, how we each interpret, express and amplify it via our own unique genetic Source Code is what makes the story ever lasting, dynamic essence in action, profound, humorous, loving, kind, and not afraid to just tell the truth as it has been lived and witnessed by our very being

so this is a story of this nature, along these lines, a tale of millennium and beyond - of a pyramid process, a cosmic changeover, occult extraction, cultural synthesis, intelligence synthesis, tele-genetic fusion, identifying the root of the distortion and looking it square in the eye, to face it with a big smile, a feather light heart, a bop in your step and a groove in your soul, so its on with the show

I <3 HYPERTEXT (doors opening soon, stay tuned)


at the joint (cruz +ctrl)

audio-visual content herein hyperlinked generated live at the hungry brain / the well / the lab - a hyperdimensional underground club / performance space physically located out in the woods somewhere on what's known by its current inhabitants as planet earth... it's hyperdimensional qualities allow it to teleport from a fixed position to anywhere else via highly magical principles such as tele-communication and various advanced extraterrestrial sonic-electronic-photonic technologies

the club makes use of where earthian tech is currently at to be as wholly earth-tuned as possible, the club simply comes to you - you don't have to fly to another continent (or planet) to see the show if you can't do that, it would be great to be able to do that anytime, but actually doing it, physically, is a more rare event than just flicking on the radio and listening to the live broadcast... so its a hybrid

utilizing akashik media as telemetric coordinates to accessing other spaces and times, the club is able to tune in a frequency and resonate on the same wavelength as the native root vibrations (organically attuned to the center of the earth) - then an instant later, up the altitude and fly the ship way out into space for some excellent cosmic adventures... resonance clears fields, generates atmospheres that are free from pollution and rekindles the flame that lights everything into being and sustains each note

so thats the point at the joint - stuff we dig in the underground, or out on the spaceship, flyin around... the skys the limit


state of the heart technologies

if you claim to believe
then you cannot deny
the truth that we live
and the nature of why
we seek what we seek
and find what we find
just to know the mechanics
of spirit and mind
but what knows the knowing?
that knows of itself?
and where goes the going?
that generates health
that nourishes joy
that can penetrate through
this challenge of being all us me and you
what goes forth to sustain
liberation from pain
just outside the range
of what doubts and confines
an intuitive alternative to meditate on create in and expand with